Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Taking back American justice

Hello Reader,

Long have I sat silent while the debacle of Harriet Miers's nomination has continued to divide America, conservative and liberal ( I had grave misgivings about Ms. Miers's being elected to the greatest court of the land (especially since she was in charge of the selection process) but I stayed quiet, to show my support for President Bush, a great leader (but certainly, I would not dishonor him with fake flattery as a certain Supreme Court of the United States nominee has).

But her petty qualifications have, as I expected, caused many others to doubt her. And now I must speak out, to preserve the dignity of this process and our land's greatest court. So heretoforth I denounce her nomination and announce my own desire to take the spot left absent by Sandra Day O'Connor.

In the next few days I will make the case as to why I - and not this turquoise-dressed charlatan - should be your next Supreme Court of the United States Justice.

(A photograph of Miers:)

Edith Brown Clement

P.S. I am unfamiliar with this "blogging" technology. But with the help of my younger aides, I promise to "get the hang of it" and provide a robust journal shedding light on my thoughts regarding the current Supreme Court of the United States controversy. I certainly think I can do a better effort than the amateurish, undignified "blogging" effort by Miers: